I Didn't Expect Such A Huge Compliment


It was a busy week speaking to Sunny Isles Beach residents. At the start of the week, I received a phone call in response to one of my email letters.

The caller told me about an alarming situation at his condo association where owners were attempting to recall the board. He asked if I could help.

He said he had called the city and no one had called him back.

I am shocked by how often I have heard that. While the city cannot fix every problem, every commissioner should return his or her calls.

His Association was dealing with huge issues.

While not yet a Commissioner, I told the man that I would be happy to attend their board meeting. I said that I would be glad to listen and help in any way.

After listening for two hours, it was clear that this Association has some of the most serious problems I’ve never heard. The problems certainly weren’t going to be fixed that night.

The Board President graciously allowed me to speak to the audience and the board. I told everyone that having sat on both sides of the table — as an owner and Board President — that I understand both sides.

I said their problems were not going to be fixed unless they stop fighting and learn to work together. The Board President was open to unit owners participating in committees and offered it. It was a very positive first step.

If owners want to be involved, and the board is conducting itself transparently, they should be able to work through issues and resolve the problems together.

The next step, make sure the manager communicates the issues and progress to all unit owners.

As your Commissioner, I will take your call or get back to you. I will help provide owners and boards with the information needed to work together.

So, what was the huge compliment?

Last week, I hosted a meet and greet at Arlen House. I met many residents and enjoyed listening to their concerns and offering my views on issues in our city.

Roslyn Brezin, one of the first Sunny Isles Beach Commissioners was there.

It was an honor to have Ms. Brezin at my event. She shared some points about TDRs, high rises, Collins Avenue and said that someone should have served on a committee before becoming a Commissioner.

I explained that while I have not been on a city board, my extensive business experience, and particularly my many years as Poinciana’s HOA President, make me very qualified to be the next City Commissioner of Seat #3. 

At the end of our conversation,

Ms. Brezin said, one day you will be our Mayor.

To say that I was flattered by this tremendous compliment is an understatement.

Thank you, Roslyn; I think we are going to become good friends.

As your Commissioner, you will personally hear from me through regular e-mail and social media updates as to what is happening within our City. I am available to you by phone or to meet anytime. 

Because of the presidential election, the ballot will be a long one.

Please remember to go all the way to the end and vote for Greg Capra, #187, as your Sunny Isle Beach Commissioner Seat #3.

All the best,

Greg Capra

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