Fraud – Insider Dealings – Kickbacks


My opponent Dana Goldman says “fighting fraudulent and abusive condo associations is her top priority.” Goldman claims she wants tougher enforcement to prevent fraud, insider dealings and to crackdown on kickbacks in condo associations. That sounds like a worthy cause, but…

It seems that Goldman wanted so badly to create a platform for her political aspirations and commission seat, that she initiated a 22,000,000 million dollar lawsuit against her own HOA for those reasons.

Goldman’s bullying in court lasted four-years. She started this over an air conditioning line - which she illegally installed.

Her frivolous litigation that was an attempt to bankrupt her HOA failed. Her lawsuit backfired.  She sued to be a bully with no proof of fraud, insider dealings or kickbacks.

She was then faced paying in excess of 400,000 dollars in legal fees to the defendants. Her attempts at intimidation were a complete failure.

What was the result?

Ultimately, the defendants generously accepted a payment of 84,000 dollars from Goldman to end the nightmare that she started. Goldman also had to pay a 1,000 dollar fine to her HOA for illegally installing the air conditioning line and to fix it.

What kind of person files a 22,000,000 million dollar lawsuit against her own HOA without any proof? What is true, this person is unfit to be your Commissioner.

As your commissioner, you will personally hear from me through regular e-mail and social media updates as to what is happening within our City. I am available to you by phone or a meeting with you anytime.

Because of the presidential election, the ballot will be a long one. Please remember to go all the way to the end and vote for Greg Capra, #187, as your Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner Seat #3.

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