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Is Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach School Great?


Having decided to run for City Commissioner of Sunny Isles Beach Seat #3, I have immersed myself in all aspects of our growing city and its issues. West side development is a major focus that I talked about in a prior letter. In this letter, I want to talk about Sunny Isles Beach’s school.

It is said that Sunny Isles Beach’s school is considered to be among the best schools. What makes it the best and who judges that? To answer that question I did an internet search on that and found excellent information about this.

I did in fact find out that Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach School is rated a number 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. That is great! However, there is more to it than just having a number 10 rating. To be objective and completely informed, we must know what the 10 rating is based on. So what is it?

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¿Qué le puedo ofrecer por su valioso voto?

Estimados residentes de Sunny Isles Beach y amigos:

Como ya se habrán enterado, me estoy presentando como candidato a comisionado del distrito #3 de la comisión de nuestra ciudad de Sunny Isles Beach.

Me gustaría hacerle saber de una las principales razones, tal vez la más importante, por la cual, humildemente le pido su voto.

Evidentemente, junto a cada nuevo emprendimiento, se le relaciona una instrucción, pero no me refiero a una instrucción basada en libros. Así, logré aprender que cada emprendimiento posee sus propios estilos como también sus propias políticas internas, las cuales se aprenden y se van transfiriendo por aquellos experimentados que optaron seguir por los mismos senderos anteriormente.

Referente a mi postulación, me ha sorprendido saber y darme cuenta que tan poco es el compromiso real que tienen aquellos que nos representan.

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Что я могу предложить жителям нашего города

Дорогие друзья,

Я, Грег Капра(Greg Capra #187, seat3),баллотируюсь в мэрию нашего города на выборах 8 ноября 2016года.

Я призываю вас отдать ваш голос за меня, потому что я готов отстаивать ваши интересы в нашей мэрии.

Я хочу рассказать вам о том, что я считаю самым важным при рассмотрений вопроса о том за кого вы отдадите ваш голос на нынешних выборах.

Всем известно, что быть кандидатом и проводить избирательную кампанию является дорогостоящим процессом и, как правило это вынуждает многих кандидатов искать пожертвования от "особых интересов". Большинство пожертвований поступают почти исключительно от девелоперов недвижимости и было бы наивно думать, что эти пожертвования не предполагают будущие одолжения.

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What Can I Offer You for Your Vote?

Dear Sunny Isles Beach Residents and Friends,

I’m running for Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner Seat #3.

I want to tell you one reason, and what I consider is the most important one, to consider voting for me.

With every new endeavor comes an education — I don’t mean a book type of education. I have learned that every business has its inner workings and unsaid practices that are either learned or handed down by others that have been on the same path.

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I Didn't Expect Such A Huge Compliment

It was a busy week speaking to Sunny Isles Beach residents. At the start of the week, I received a phone call in response to one of my email letters.

The caller told me about an alarming situation at his condo association where owners were attempting to recall the board. He asked if I could help.

He said he had called the city and no one had called him back.

I am shocked by how often I have heard that. While the city cannot fix every problem, every commissioner should return his or her calls.

His Association was dealing with huge issues.

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Sunny Isles Beach's Embarrassment

Angry for not being allowed to keep her illegally installed air conditioning line, Commissioner Dana Goldman, a lawyer tried to bankrupt her own home owners association (HOA) by suing it for 22-million dollars.

After 4-years of litigation and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, her attempts at intimidation were a failure because the courts found that Goldman sued her HOA with no proof of any wrong doing and lied about her neighbors.


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The Truth Will Set You Free

I could not allow the recent article where myself and Mrs. Goldman were interviewed to be left unrefuted without you reading my comments that were posted at the Herald website. Those that receive the paper at home would not have read them.

You can read the article in the Miami Herald about the Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner race here:

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As your City Commissioner, I'll Represent You.

My name is Greg Capra and I am running for Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner seat #3. I have lived in Sunny Isles Beach for almost 20-years and have served on the Board of Directors of Poinciana Island for almost 10-years.

For eight of those years I have served as its President. Over those eight years under my leadership, we have made vast improvements to Poinciana Island and increased our property values.

As your City Commissioner I will represent you and your interests. Yes, I know that you have heard that all before from others running for an office. We know that virtually everyone entering politics has a higher political office in their sites — I don’t.

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Introducing Myself

As many of you may know, and for those of you who do not, I am running for Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner. I am excited to begin a pursuit to build our community in a positive and ethical manner.

Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to building businesses in the financial services industry and pioneered investing and trading techniques that helped companies, market professionals and individuals increase their assets.

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Fraud – Insider Dealings – Kickbacks

My opponent Dana Goldman says “fighting fraudulent and abusive condo associations is her top priority.” Goldman claims she wants tougher enforcement to prevent fraud, insider dealings and to crackdown on kickbacks in condo associations. That sounds like a worthy cause, but…

It seems that Goldman wanted so badly to create a platform for her political aspirations and commission seat, that she initiated a 22,000,000 million dollar lawsuit against her own HOA for those reasons.

Goldman’s bullying in court lasted four-years. She started this over an air conditioning line - which she illegally installed.

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