Sunny Isles Beach's Embarrassment


Angry for not being allowed to keep her illegally installed air conditioning line, Commissioner Dana Goldman, a lawyer tried to bankrupt her own home owners association (HOA) by suing it for 22-million dollars.

After 4-years of litigation and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, her attempts at intimidation were a failure because the courts found that Goldman sued her HOA with no proof of any wrong doing and lied about her neighbors.


In the end, a payment of $84,000 dollars was accepted from Goldman to end the frivolous lawsuit that she started.

Goldman also had to pay a $1,000-dollar fine to her HOA for illegally installing the air conditioning line and to remove it. A small payment in relation to the nightmare Goldman inflicted on her neighbors for four years.

In her deposition - under oath, Goldman admitted to sending letters to unit owners of her HOA with a name that she made up: Elizabeth.

When asked about lying to neighbors in her letter, Goldman said, “It’s not a lie, it’s a fictitious name that was made up.”

While admitting under oath that she was not truthful, she then had the audacity to say that she doesn’t find lying to neighbors being relevant.

Dana Goldman is an embarrassment to our Sunny Isles Beach Commission.

Because of the presidential election, the ballot will be a long one. Please go all the way to the end and vote for Greg Capra, #187, as your Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner Seat #3.

Greg Capra

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