The Truth Will Set You Free


I could not allow the recent article where myself and Mrs. Goldman were interviewed to be left unrefuted without you reading my comments that were posted at the Herald website. Those that receive the paper at home would not have read them.

You can read the article in the Miami Herald about the Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner race here:

Mrs. Goldman, I will not stand aside and allow you to misrepresent what you did, why you lost your lawsuit against your own HOA and why you had to pay.

By your own admission in your depositions - under oath - you admitted to having no proof of any claims and did in fact lie.

The truth and a sincere apology to everyone at Poinciana Island will set you free.

My response to what Mrs. Goldman said about her lawsuit while interviewed is below. It is also posted under the Herald article.

The posted comment:

Mrs. Goldman would like readers to believe her when she says that the judge dismissed her case on a procedural technicality.

Cases are not dismissed on procedural technicalities multiple times, and by multiple judges - and on appeal. The Third District Court of Appeal affirmed the dismissal of Ms. Goldman’s lawsuit.

Mrs. Goldman did file a lawsuit against her HOA and targeting mismanagement and financial malfeasance for 22-million dollars. All of which started over her illegally installed air conditioning line.

After over 50,000 pages of Association documents provided, 4-years of litigation, which included an appeal, depositions and thousands of pages of motions.

Mrs. Goldman’s case was dismissed after hearing the merits of her case ad nauseam. Mrs. Goldman was allowed to pay only $84,000 dollars, rather than the Association to exercise its right to the attorneys’ fees in excess of 500,000.00.

This is public information that is indisputable.

As mentioned in the article, Mrs. Goldman is an attorney at Shutts and Bowen and was represented by multiple attorneys in her lawsuit.

Between all those attorneys, if they had a case, they would have overcome a procedural technicality.

Nothing can be more telling of the truth than Mrs. Goldman’s own words in the videos provided.
Mrs. Goldman is a commissioner.

Voters should know about her character. Her frivolous lawsuit and lying to neighbors does that. This is not private.

Sunny Isles Beach needs leadership, not someone that has been hand-picked and molding to conform.

There are issues that have existed for too many years. And there are current issues that many residents at different associations are suffering under with no support from their commissioner.
However, Mrs. Goldman now has the time to visit various associations to ask for their vote with the same promises of her last election.

Residents of  Sunny Isles Beach need a voice in the commission that has no ties to special interests.

Yes, Mrs. Goldman is unfit for office.

Watch her and listen to her own words on YouTube and decide for yourself:

Vote for Greg Capra, #187, as your Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner Seat #3.

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