What Can I Offer You for Your Vote?


Dear Sunny Isles Beach Residents and Friends,

I’m running for Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner Seat #3.

I want to tell you one reason, and what I consider is the most important one, to consider voting for me.

With every new endeavor comes an education — I don’t mean a book type of education. I have learned that every business has its inner workings and unsaid practices that are either learned or handed down by others that have been on the same path.

As it relates to running for political office, I was surprised to see how little of what I believe is real commitment by those who represent us.

Everyone knows that running for a political office is expensive and usually part of doing that is that the candidate has to seek donations from special interests.

The ultimate commitment when seeking public office is shown through the candidate self-funding of their own campaign.
In Sunny Isles Beach, I am the only candidate who is self-funding their campaign.

Most of the donations are coming almost exclusively from real estate developers. It would be naïve to think that those donations don’t buy political favors. The towers that loom over our beaches are a testament to what political donations can buy.

That is why development on Collins Avenue’s west side is or should be a main concern of every resident in Sunny Isles Beach. Everyone that I have spoken with is worried that the Commission will allow developers to build much higher on Collins Avenue’s west side.

Allowing this would make our already terrible traffic problems an even worse nightmare.

That’s why my self-funding of my campaign is so important: You can be sure that when I make a vote on the Commission there is only one motivation. What is right for us — I owe developers nothing.

If you think having a special interest free Commissioner is important.

There’s only one clear choice.

Vote for Greg Capra, #187, as your Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner Seat #3.

Greg Capra 305-792-8724

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